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Friday Night Live

Friday Night Live is a youth led action group that meets on high school campuses. Young people build leadership skills, broaden their social network and initiate projects that improve school climate and reduce youth access to alcohol.
Meeting Times: Meets during lunch on Wednesdays in the counseling room

EP Project: Biggs FNL is implementing Parent Committed, a program where officers and club members educate parents about underage drinking in Butte County.

School Climate Project: Biggs High School Friday Night Live is putting on the You’re Worth It Campaign, which is a campaign where students write encouraging words on a card that is later put on student lockers.

Biggs High School FNL is run by Cody Walsh. To learn more about FNL on Biggs’s campus, or to see how you can get involved, contact Cody Walsh, email him at
Recently on campus, FNL hosted a Winter Holiday Gram, which made sure everyone at Biggs High, both students and staff, got a Christmas theme card with a compliment written on it and a candy cane.
Another recent project was the Positive Thought Flyer initiative.  FNL hung up flyers all over the school with compliments and inspirational quotes for students to take when they are having a bad day to cheer them up.
For more information on the group as a whole, click here.