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Student Government

Biggs High School ASB

Biggs High School ASB

By participating in the ASB (Associated Student Body), students learn leadership, cooperation, time management, organization and the skills needed to put on engaging school activities that provide a well-rounded high school experience for the entire student body.

ASB Fundraiser form

ASB Fundraiser form

Please fill out the following form prior to your fundraiser.  You will be notified once your fundraiser is approved.  Thank you! 
2022-2023 ASB Officers

2022-2023 ASB Officers

ASB President: Marci Munanui
ASB Vice President: Brianna Rodriguez
Secretary: Ally Williams
Treasurer: Addie Scott
Activities Commissioner: Jazmin Ibarra
Properties Commissioner: Destiny Lowry

President: Ellyse Perkins
Vice President: Adrian Sanchez
Secretary: Martiza Rodriguez
Treasurer: Jesus Rodriguez

President: Zachery Smith
Secretary: Chase McLean
Treasurer: Brody Hudson

President: Mailey Seipert
Vice President: Gabe Perkins
Secretary: Emily Williams
Treasurer: Logan Harrison

President: Emma Bowles
Vice President: Tylar Ainslie

Representatives: Allie Little and Alexis Wroten